Brian Bachorz Story

Brian Bachorz was born in the small coal mining town of Windber, PA.  Throughout his adolescence and with much support from his family and friends he quickly found music to be a perfect outlet for his creativity.  His father Andrew was a drummer in a popular local wedding band called "The Joy Loaders" where much of his desire to perform and create music came from watching them play.

Growing up his first instrument was the accordion, a very difficult instrument to play especially at an age of 4 ½.  His teacher, Iggy Tallyen, a member of “The Joy Loaders”, always emphasized playing from the heart while dramatically power-driving his foot into the ground raising his hand in the air like Elvis would for a big dramatic lift in a song.  His father, being a drummer instilled much of his rhythmic feel and sense of timing for a solid groove that puts the punch into his original music.  He also dabbed in the drums playing his father’s kit and playing in the school band which he got kicked out in 6th grade.

As he got older, girls and 80's hair metal drove him to play the guitar at 15. Another member of the “Joy Loaders” Larry Polash, a keyboard player, took him under his wing to play alongside his local wedding band “Hot Ice” where he cut his teeth in a real working band.  Hot Ice’s guitar player Doug Shuster provided all the motivation needed to become an inspiring professional guitar player.  This led to his interest and furthering his career by attending Berklee College of Music in 1989 where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Professional Music.

After graduating, he teamed up with a bunch of hometown friends and became a founding member of the southern rock Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute band "Southern Steel" from 1992-1998.  This powerful four-guitar arsenal of brutal southern rock licks and original music provided Brian the opportunity to perform as the opening act for Molly Hatchet, Humble Pie, and Frazier River.  This grabbed the attention of their local Budweiser distributor Von's Beverage, who provided sponsorship through the Budweiser Concert Series after wondering why so much of their product was being sold at venues they had played.  Southern Steel is still performing in the local Windber, PA area and going strong.

In 1998-2000 Brian became a member of the rock group Inside Out which had released two successful albums before his joining.  As their lead guitar player, he performed covers and originals along with contributing to the writing of a song that ended up being on their third album released in 2015.     Brian attributes his professionalism and desire to write and record music to his time playing with Inside Out.  He performed with them in March of 2016 in celebration of their 25th Anniversary.

Currently, he plays music as a solo acoustic cover artist and member of “Bar None Band” A New Jersey-based popular cover band.  He also is the owner of Brian Bachorz Music and the main songwriter for his original project “Jerkin The Flat 9”.  Jerkin The Flat 9 has released several singles.   One of which was included on a charity CD called Don’t Fret… A Collection of Guitar Instrumentals with the single “Preslee Marie” in May of 2018. His original music is a strong mixture of melody and harmony from several genres of music that includes rock, heavy metal, country, southern rock, and ethnic music.